The Bitch Goddess Success



We are running after her like dogs panting and salivating at the mouth

We can almost taste what she can give us

She is in our mind the perfect lover, if we have her we would be all powerful, happy, respected, admired, fulfilled, rich, and most of all adored.

Dogs doing tricks to try to get her attention, that if only she might see us our lives could be changed forever.

Once we have her though the real work begins.

How do we keep her? How do you get her to stay loyal and not run off with the new dog in town?

What happens if she leaves? who or what can replace that bitch-goddess success?

What happens to the life whose happiness is solely in her hands?

She can be amazing, uplifting, and change lives but, she can also be a bitch! abandoning you, breaking your heart, disappointing, and full of illusions.



Feeling bad, feeling sad, feeling glad…

Spinning down

No hope to be found

Tears flow with no where to go, recycled back into my soul to be used on another sad occasion.

Limits, frustration, mind masturbation, constantly stroking, and stroking useless none productive thoughts, that send me down, down, into the shadow of myself.

Then there is the bottom.

My mind stops!

I race against the clock to find myself again

Flash, pop, clarity again!

Then I remember I was not born this way.

My mind crafted a dark dream to entertain itself. It did not know I would take it so seriously.

Realization, awakening, relief….gladness.

It’s A Shame He Was An Alcoholic


My first love – was so handsome, smart, passionate and came from a rich family that supported him in everything he wanted to do – it’s shame he was an alcoholic

My Ex-Fiancé – spoke 5 languages, had a growing career in television, handsome, smart, came from a hard working family that loved him- it’s a shame he was a an alcoholic

Billie Holiday – she sung songs that moves souls. She had a voice filled with such feeling and emotion that her music has transcended time – it’s a shame she was an alcoholic

Betty Davis- An actress who I could watch again and again in my favorite film “All about Eve” she always played a strong woman. Just watching her you longed to be so talented- it’s a shame she was a an alcoholic

My father- powerful, wise, strong, adventurous, and my best friend- it’s a shame he is a alcoholic

Alcohol is one of the biggest destroyers of homes, hearts and dreams…

The Loss of a Mentor

He once was a man of power and wisdom, Now it is a shadow.

He had gained his strength and knowledge by shining light on his shadows.

Wading through the darkness until he saw the sun.

He fought a long time to keep the fire lit to hold the darkness at bay but, as the years passed he stopped attending to his fire and the warmth and light of his flame began to fade.

I do not know if it was fear, laziness or sheer fatigue that dimmed his light in the end ……

All I know is, it is gone and, the shadow has returned. I have lost him.

He is wondering through the darkness again.

Spread thin..

Is social media really social at all?

When connected are you connected?

Can you be in more than one place at a time and still be in your place?

Is there space in cyberspace?

Can you share what’s on your mind without losing it?

When we connect through one point of view do we lose vision?

You tell me. All insights are welcome..

Being A Person Of Color (the good, the bad, and the ugly)


Is seems so odd that people of color suffer just because the mere color of their skin. Their skin angers people.

The continents of people of color have been colonized, raped, enslaved and stolen from. The people have to fight to hold onto resources that already belong to them.

I ask god why is it allowed? What have we done? Are we victims? are we punished? are we damned?, and if so why?

I see so much suffering and hatred towards people of color just for being, that I fail to understand, but then I compare us to the Earth.

The Earth give us so much and receives so little in return. We take all its beauty and systematically go about destroying it, polluting it, and exploiting it.

What has the earth done to deserve this? Is the earth a victim, punished, damned? and if so why?

I find no answer to these questions but one thing is clear injustice makes no difference between things that exist.